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Drinker is the recording project of singer / songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer / composer Ariel Loh. They started working together in the fall of 2016, shortly after they left their former bands. Ariel had just scored The Eyes Of My Mother and the ambient, analog soundscapes felt like the perfect atmosphere for the songs Aaron was writing. A point was made to explore minimal arrangements while pushing the music into different territories, all the while embracing the unexpected. The subsequent Happy Accident EP was the result of 2 months of collaborating in New York and has since been featured on KCRW, Hype Machine Popular Charts, Spotify curated playlists and a handful of music blogs.

Aaron has since moved to LA and is bringing the songs to the stage with a band. Meanwhile, their creative collaboration continues bi-coastally with new material always brewing.

Contact: drinkerfornow@gmail.com