Fake It

Sophomore Single
Release date: 6/30/17 on Dollar Slice Records

When you’re finding your way, people always tell you “fake it till you make it.” But the longer you go down that road, the further you get from the truth. This song is a reflection on that journey, on the fine line between giving the people what they want and following your heart.

Drinker is the recording project of singer / songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer / composer Ariel Loh. They started working together in the fall of 2016, shortly after they left their former bands. Ariel had just scored The Eyes Of My Mother, a horror film whose premiere at Sundance and following national release was turning heads. The ambient, analog soundscapes felt like the perfect atmosphere for the songs Aaron was writing. A point was made to explore minimal arrangements while pushing the music into different territories, all the while embracing the unexpected. The forthcoming EP was the result of 2 months of collaborating in Bushwick, Brooklyn and Astoria, Queens.

Aaron has since moved to LA and is bringing the songs to the stage with a band. Meanwhile, their creative collaboration continues bi-coastally with new material always brewing.

Since the release of their debut single "Which Way Is South", Drinker has been featured on KCRW's Travis Holcombe Show and Spotify's New Indie Mix along with a handful of music blogs. Their debut EP entitled Happy Accident is due out on Dollar Slice Records on August 11, 2017.


Heard from a man / Nothing to lose / Fake it till you no longer can / See the truth and / Smile
Take what you wanted / And leave what you knew / I guess that’s what you’ve got to do / To see the world a / While
I’m gonna do what I say / What I say / What I say / I’m just gonna / Do what i say / When I say / I just wanna
Secretive hours / Secretive days / Over and over / Explain it away / I dont distinguish / Blue from grey
I’m gonna do what I say / What I say / What I say / I’m just gonna / Do what i say  / When I say / I just wanna
Heard from the man / nothing to lose / Fake it till you no longer can see it through


"minimal, transportive" - B3SCI
"ripe for repeat listens — not only because of the addictive melodies, but also because each new experience yields something richer and deeper in the composition" - Vehlinggo
"Simply mesmerizing. Which Way Is South seems to hover weightlessly as though trapped in a magnetic field" - Milk Crater
"In four minutes, Drinker’s immersive single makes a strong argument that less is more." - BuzzBands.LA
"mature debut from a pair who know what they want to sound like and are executing it with confidence and charisma" - Unrecorded
"combines slow electropop with lush soundscapes, creating a cinematic atmosphere" - Indie Pop Ups
"recalls the majesty of Portishead" - Soundsphere Magazine
"Instant earworm of the ambient variety" - The Beatforest
"minimal yet spacious sonic realm with the slow stutter step of percussion made of soft glass" - Ohestee
"beautifully engaging" - Outside/In Music
"simple, wistful and beautiful." - Wee Claire


6/30/17 - Cape House, Brooklyn NY


Label dylan@dollarslicerecords.com