Press for 'Happy Accident' EP

"four tracks of chillwave inspired bliss" - Discobelle

"atmospheric, surprising and full of melancholic, contradictory beauty and designed to put you in a reflective state" - GlamGlare

"maintains a steady-yet-subtle sonic darkness throughout it’s 4-tracks – yet it doesn’t feel like a project that’s wallowing in melancholy." - Sodwee

Press for 'Sinking / Feeling'

"even though their inception seems to be something of a moment of serendipity, their output is intricately, almost meticulously crafted" - DIY

"Mixtures of complicated bonds bend & nearly break as the audience is brought along for a panoramic ride." - Impose

"floats as if soundtracking a hazy, half-memory" - Barry Gruff

"slow-burning jam pervaded by a retro vibe" - Going Solo

"intricately beautiful, understated soundscapes" - Vehlinggo

"[Drinker] construct their songs like an intricate piece of origami, with unexpected twists and turns leaving the listener wondering about how they did it." - Here Comes The Flood

"a melancholic dream wave, travel ticket to the sub-sonic place" - Come Here Floyd

Press for 'Fake It' Elliot Moss Remix

"twisting the laid-back original into a stunning, groove-led percussion workout, with Drinker's soothing vocals floating over trip-hop-esque beats." - XLR8R

"It’s a mad blend but boy does it work." - Dash 'n' Verve

Press for 'Fake It'

"Drinker is making dulcet grooves sandwiched somewhere between Beach Fossils and Youth Lagoon. Their new track 'Fake It' is an exploratory number which mixes house beats with minimalist guitar work to create a sound that is challenging on first listen, but continues to grow after subsequent plays." - The Line Of Best Fit

"soaked to the bone into a psychedelic electronic haze" - Going Solo

“'Fake It' is the epitome of different yet familiar-sounding indie music – one of those tracks that has a special, comforting but mysterious quality which both challenges and reassures you." - Secret Shores

"Hauntingly brilliant pop" - Vehlinggo

"sophisticated, slow-burning" - GlamGlare

"a dark lullaby to the soul" - Too Much Love Mag

"get on the bandwagon with us" - Impose Magazine

"deft combination of film score spaciousness, contemporary songwriting and enticing production" - Headliner Magazine

"introduces the listener to the smooth cooed vocals of Aaron, while matching the lyrics with meticulous production stylings from Ariel that rival simplicity." - Relentless Beats

"deep analog sounds with plucky, minimal guitar and vulnerable vocals" - Discobelle

"created a captivating sound of their own" - Music And Other Drugs

Press for 'Which Way Is South'

"ripe for repeat listens — not only because of the addictive melodies, but also because each new experience yields something richer and deeper in the composition" - Vehlinggo

"minimal, transportive" - B3SCI

"Simply mesmerizing. Which Way Is South seems to hover weightlessly as though trapped in a magnetic field" - Milk Crater

"mature debut from a pair who know what they want to sound like and are executing it with confidence and charisma" - Unrecorded

"In four minutes, Drinker’s immersive single makes a strong argument that less is more." - BuzzBands.LA

"combines slow electropop with lush soundscapes, creating a cinematic atmosphere" - Indie Pop Ups

"recalls the majesty of Portishead" - Soundsphere Magazine

"Instant earworm of the ambient variety" - The Beatforest

"minimal yet spacious sonic realm with the slow stutter step of percussion made of soft glass" - Ohestee

"beautifully engaging" - Outside/In Music

"simple, wistful and beautiful" - Wee Claire